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The “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” of Cannes Darling ‘Anora’

Madison had never been offered a role without auditioning until Anora. The minute she left her first meeting with Baker,…

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The Cast of ‘Baby Reindeer’ Speaks Out: “You Have to Practice Self-Preservation”

During his 10-hour flight from London to Los Angeles, Richard Gadd decided to catch up on the 250 or so…

7 Min Read

Lisa Ann Walter on Mother’s Day, Her ‘Abbott Elementary’ Bond With Sheryl Lee Ralph, and That Bette Midler Idea

Did it feel different filming this episode at all, given the reversal in your dynamic and the connection you have…

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Jesse Plemons and Emma Stone Run Wild in ‘Poor Things’ Follow-Up ‘Kinds of Kindness’

“I did think about intention—that’s where real freedom is. Because if you commit, it can come out very similar to…

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